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About Head Start

Head Start has been established as an institution for almost 30 years and has over forty years practical experience of 11/12+ examinations and procedures. Our 11+ pass rate is always exceptionally high and we are committed to achieving excellent results. Our students have the benefit of working from our own specially designed and written test papers and course material.

The Head Start Formula

A commitment to achievement;
maximizing your child’s potential

Head Start has been established as an institution for 30 years and has over 40 years practical experience of 11/12+ examinations and procedures. Our mission statement at Head Start is “A commitment to achievement; maximizing your child’s potential”. As such, our courses have been carefully devised and fine-tuned over those 30 years, to deliver on that mission and specifically meet the needs of a prospective grammar school student. Our 11+ pass rate is always exceptionally high and we are committed to achieving excellent results.

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11 Plus Tuition in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire - Head Start Education

The objectives of our programme are as follows:

  1. To deliver a comprehensive and well-structured programme of study that firstly introduces each child to the concepts and question types encountered in the 11+ exam and secondly; develops and extends on their understanding through extensive practice and familiarization throughout the year with our own specially designed and written test papers and course material.
  2. To provide opportunities for in-depth and insightful assessment and analysis of each child’s academic ability, potential and attitude and the reporting of such, by way of our unique Assessment Courses, Assessment Report and exclusive, bespoke Mock Tests.
  3. To enable your child to complete the examination paper within the time allocated and, furthermore, to consistently achieve a mark that will secure a Grammar School place through greater understanding of the concepts and improved examination technique.

  4. To foster and encourage a positive mindset towards examinations and ensure that your child approaches the 11+ with confidence, self-assurance and determination to perform at their best and fulfil their true potential.

  5. To provide supplementary education, tuition and support for key skills and concepts within maths and English, covered in the National Curriculum, to raise each child’s numeracy and literacy levels to…

  6. Provide a solid educational foundation and a Head Start for your child to succeed in secondary school education and beyond.

Edu-Kinesiology Tuition For 11 Plus Exams - Head Start Education

The Head Start Difference

Meeting Your Child’s Specific Needs

At Head Start we are devoted to the aim of meeting your child’s specific needs. Due to the small class sizes, your child is given individual attention whenever it is needed. Furthermore it is our job to identify your child’s needs and address them accordingly.

At Head Start, we value parental contribution highly. No one knows your child better than yourself – By passing the knowledge you have of your child on to us, we can get to know your child better and hence implement the most appropriate teaching techniques tailored to their specific needs. We therefore enjoy a superb collaborative relationship with all parents and we are happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have. On our Summer Schools we have ‘parent open days’ and an official presentation at the end of the week to acknowledge your child’s efforts and achievements.

The Latest Techniques

Head Start has always been at the cutting edge of new learning techniques. The Head Start team has the ability to implement the most advanced teaching methods at its disposal whenever appropriate.


‘Edu-Kinesiology’ is a technique that we specialize in at Head Start. ‘Edu-Kinesiology’ or ‘Brain Gym’, is a group of activities which help our nervous system and hence the rest of our body and mind, to work more efficiently and effectively. The activities have the effect of removing ‘learning blocks’ consequently increasing ability, while decreasing stress and frustration.

‘Brain Gym’ exercises encourage ‘whole brain learning’, which helps better functioning. You can do ‘Brain Gym’ exercises anywhere – at home, in the car, in the classroom, in or before an exam – and whenever you want to improve your child’s performance. Learning becomes easier and quicker, the brain works better and can control the rest of the body more effectively. Pupils don’t have to concentrate so hard and learning new facts and skills can become enjoyable. Pupils can perform activities that they never thought were possible.

11 Plus Tuition - Head Start Education - Buckinghamshire and Berkshire
Brain Gym Tuition - Head Start Education


Head Start is, of course, committed to achieving exceptional results. However, we believe first and foremost, that children must enjoy the entire learning experience if they are to achieve their best. It is not our style to make your child study rigorously at a desk without a break. We realise that children have a limited attention span when it comes to learning and in order to want to work hard they must get the chance to play hard.

At break times we offer a number of different activities for the children, ranging from sports to more quiet interests. We are lucky enough at Head Start to have staff that are qualified in a variety of different activities including football, athletics, cricket, dancing and drama. As well as creating an atmosphere and ethos conducive to work, Head Start is also a very social environment, where the children get a chance to meet different people and make new friends.

Care and Safety

Care and safety are of the highest priority at Head Start. There is always both a male and a female member of staff present at all times. First Aid equipment is always on sight and a number of staff possess certificates in first aid and child protection.